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Colour Analysis Swatches

Seasonal colour wallets

  • Suitable for ladies and men
  • Lightweight card-mounted wallet design
  • Fabric colour swatches
ladies seasonal wallets


Precision-dyed 30 colours for your Season presented on a 3-fold card, in a protective clear plastic wallet.

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colour analysis swatches - ladies seasonal colour wallets

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If you already know which Season or Tonal Direction you are, you may find a wallet of colour fabric swatches really useful, especially for shopping trips. The brain cannot retain shades, tones, tints or hues of colour so having the wallet with you as a reminder will make shopping so much easier.

"I received the colour swatch today, so thank you for that. It has quite a lot of variety and I have already had a look in a few shops today and compared the colours so it was very useful." Lisa, Middlesex

These colour wallets are precision dyed and the 30 colours for your Season are presented on a 3-fold card, with 3 columns of 10 colour fabrics, in a protective clear plastic wallet. Choose from the four Seasons below - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

The 6 tones - Light, Deep, Bright, Muted, Warm and Cool - are also available, if you prefer, or we can also offer a fan wallet for each of the 4 seasons.

"Thanks for your fast service. Parcel arrived the next day."
H.Elliott, London


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Seasonal Colour Wallet containing 30 fabric swatches in the best warm and clear tints for a Spring.

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Seasonal Colour Wallet containing 30 fabric swatches in the best cool and muted tones for a Summer.

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Seasonal Colour Wallet containing 30 fabric swatches in the best warm and muted shades for an Autumn.

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Seasonal Colour Wallet containing 30 fabric swatches in the best cool and clear colours for a Winter.


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How to use the wallets

The idea is not to match exactly the item you are considering purchasing with the swatches. You will never do this absolutely, so please don't waste your time. Plus, it will become very boring if you try to survive on only 30 colours for the rest of your life!

The aim of the exercise is to see if the colour of the garment you're considering parting with money for looks good alongside the colours in the wallet. Hold the fabric across the complete range of colours to assess this properly:

Does it look as though it belongs with the colours in the wallet? Then go and try it on! Or does it look completely out of place? Then put it back on the rail and save your hard-earned money

Before you go shopping with your new wallet, practise at home on the items you already have in your wardrobe - both good and not-so-good.

This will give you total confidence in your swatch wallet colours.

PS. Have you seen the nifty Men's colour wallets ?

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